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Pissouri is the third largest village district in the Limassol district of Cyprus, and is located in the Southwest of Cyprus just off the A6 motorway midway between Limassol and Paphos (34 kilometers from both). The main Pissouri village is located about 3 kilometers from the sea on the Cape Aspro ridge, and about 500 feet above sea level. The whole stretch is an absolutely gorgeous spot where the waves that softly lap up against a pebbled and sandy shoreline, partly cradled by the rocky cliffs that drop down to the sea, making the whole setting picture perfect. It is the administrative centre for the Pissouri District, and houses a delightful village square.

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There are many charming taverns, coffee shops, as well as entertainment facilities, several chapels, and an imposing and historical Gothic church. The area is quite popular with locals and tourists in the summer, but there’s always a quiet spot to be found, and the crowds don’t even come close to what you would come across in the main hubs of nearby Limassol or Paphos. So what are you waiting for? Time to make the plunge!


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There are various theories on the origins of the village’s name, including the belief that it is derived from the resin (’pissa’) that comes from pitch pine, and was produced in the area during the Byzantine and Frankish period. It was originally known as ‘Piseeri’, and is also referred to as ‘Pisuri’ on old maps. At the village square, especially in summer you can relax, have a nice drink and enjoy the village's beauty! It provides a beautiful setting for the visitor who may enjoy the facilities and services offered by a variety of business units including restaurants, banks, pizzas, pubs as well as other services. Furthermore, the square is the main place where all the venues and events take place varying from festivals to traditional Cypriot nights.

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Moreover, it is important to mention that the Community Council provides free wireless broadband to all locals and visitors. The community’s main goal and aim is to utilize at the maximum the current project in order to fulfill the different needs of the user by continuously upgrading the motive and role that has originally planned. Every September, a celebration is held in honour of Agios Andreas, whilst other annual summer and Easter events are held both in the village square and the open-air amphitheatre.


Pissouri Nature Trails

The area has 8 hiking trails, crossing through the hills, providing some spectacular views and an amazing geological experience, with fossils of sea life to be found many hundreds of feet above the sea level.

Four of the eight trails are open to both hiking🚶and biking 🚴

Bicycles are available for hire and also guided cycling tours can be arranged.

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Pissouri beach is located on the southern point of the old village. It is standing out for its fine golden sand, multi-coloured small pebbles, moderate waves and generally for its crystal clear azure sea. Protected by Cape “Aspro” spectacular white cliffs, one on each side, Pissouri Beach reveals its unique, calm and peaceful profile. Its incomparable beauty, combined with the light and the white colour of the two cliffs, reflects a magnificent and a spectacular recreational hub for all the visitors. It avails the ideal beach extent (1500 m length, 90 m width) that can efficiently be used by all the bathers. Sports funs can waterski, windsurf, sail and paraglide. Bathers can also erect their own umbrellas and spend an enjoyable “day accommodation”. Pissouri beach is proud for its free coastal facilities use. Two changing rooms, toilets and shower points are provided for open use. Moreover, an adequate number of fully -equipped lifeguards are patrolling the area, particularly in the summer season. All of these facilities ease the visitors “day accommodation” proving that Pissouri Beach avails a comfort, secure and vigorous infrastructure for bathers needs satisfaction. A nearby public parking place encourages the effortless access to the beach. It has five public walking accesses spread all over the coast line. All the accesses are approaching the two elegant and relaxing 5-star luxurious beach hotels; Pissouri Beach Hotel and Columbia Resorts Hotel and the several nearby services and facilities as well, such as restaurants, bars, pizza places and a variety of shops where one can easily visit. Two of them are constructed for disabled people needs.It is notable to be pointed out that our Beach is annually awarded with Blue Flag, depicting its full compliance with the water quality standards, safety and the provision of services.


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Pissouri Beach is situated approximately half way between Limassol and Paphos on the west of the island. From the Highway, just head for the exit Pissouri Bay by driving to Columbia Pissouri Hotel and continue until you get to a small roundabout. Turn left and park in the public car park. From there you can see the beach, once you have reached the beach, continue walking left and go straight until you hit some rocks, behind these rocks is where the very popular nudist beach starts. The beach is mostly covered with pebbles, while the sea bottom has some smaller rocks, sand and pebbles, too. The sea is clean and rather safe, but one needs to be careful, since the area has no lifeguard services.

Tip: Those visiting this coast, should be wearing snickers, in order to climb safely over the rocks.


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The main agricultural product currently grown locally in the Pissouri valley is grapes, destined as “table” grapes and for the production of raisins, known locally as “sultanas”. Other products are almonds, carob, and market vegetables. Wheat and barley are grown to be used as hay to feed the robust local sheep, cow, and goat farms. Nearby Avdimou is known for its excellent dairy products such as typically Cypriot sheep and goat yogurt, mainly fed from locally produced hay. There is minimal commercial fruit growing, although there are some large citrus orchards near Paramali to the east of Pissouri. In season, locally grown figs can be found at the markets and stands in Pissouri.


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A Cypriot cheese handmade from the cow, goat, and ewe milk. Halloumi sprinkled with mint and stored in a brine where it develops a unique texture and salty taste. Halloumi can be fried or grilled for a crisp outer layer and a melted chewy inside. Enjoy with a squeeze of lemon juice or with salad, bread and hummus.


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There are many watersport activities available in the bay, with scuba diving shops, and also rentals available on the beach for jet skis, sailboats, and kayaks. There is also waterskiing available and a variety of rides. Bicycles are available for hire and also guided cycling tours can be arranged. The area has numerous hiking trails through the hills, providing some spectacular views and an amazing geological experience, with fossils of sea life to be found many hundreds of feet above the sea level.

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Pissouri is blessed with so many different types of accommodation that anybody should be able to find what they are looking for and therefore enjoy not only what Pissouri has to offer but because of our central location the whole of Cyprus is easily accessible!

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Columbia Hotels & Resorts

Columbia Hotels & Resorts is a privately owned company that prides itself on offering top quality to its guests, ensuring each of its guests is made to feel at home while staying in one of its three, unique hotels in Cyprus. The Columbia Beachotel, situated on Pissouri Bay, has been owned by Schoeller Holdings since 1988 when the hotel was launched as the first Columbia Hotel within a group of seven hotels. The Columbia Beachotel was relaunched in July 2005, following one year of renovations and restorations by local craftsmen, ensuring the preservation its natural setting on Pissouri Bay and the beauty of the environment. In 2003 Schoeller Holdings, mother company of Columbia Shipping Company Cyprus, launched its flagship, five star superior resort on Pissouri Bay, The Columbia Beach Resort. The Resort boasts twelve separate low rise buildings, situated around an impressive eighty meter lagoon pool and is a prime example of local architecture and craftsmanship. Fine local and international cuisine is a daily pleasure at the Resort. All 95 spacious suites were designed to surpass the international standards of five star luxury, all set within the luscious gardens; providing ample grounds to walk the cobbled pathways of the Resort.

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Apartments & Villas

Skeleas Apartments

Skeleas Apartments are located on the side of the Melanda escarpment in Pissouri Bay. Perched high on the escarpment it provides magnificent views over the Pissouri Jetty and Bay to the statuesque Cape Aspro to the west.

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Hylatio Tourist Village

Set in beautiful gardens with an elegant swimming pool and just a few minutes’ walk from an alluring sandy Pissouri beach (Blue Flag award), Hylatio is very close to scenic Pissouri village, and 1hr drive from the picturesque...

Pissouri Apartments and Villas

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The Bunch of Grapes Inn

THE BUNCH OF GRAPES INN was originally the village Manor House and is reputed to be more than 200 years old. It was converted to an inn in 1976 and it remains quite unique. There is nothing else quite like it on the whole Island.

Pissouri Apartments and Villas

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