Aphrodite Trail

Aphrodite Trail

Discover the Aphrodite trail, one of the most beautiful Cyprus walks on the Akamas Peninsula, with its stunning views over the blue lagoons.

Cyprus has many way-marked nature trails and if you only walk one of them when you visit the island, make it this one.

The Aphrodite Trail is probably the most beautiful walk on the island and this walk will be a lasting reminder of your holiday in Cyprus. You will never ever get tired of the stunning views from the highest point on the walk.

Moutti tis Sotiras

Starting point:

From Polis by hire car or taxi via Latsi to the tourist pavilion at the Baths of Aphrodite. From Polis in summer there's a bus service to the Baths of Aphrodite.

Walking times:

Baths of Aphrodite – Pyrgos tis Rigainas – Moutti tis Sotiras – Baths of Aphrodite
Baths of Aphrodite – Pyrgos tis Rigainas - 40 mins. ,
Pyrgos tis Rigainas – Moutti tis Sotiras - 25 mins. ,
Moutti tis Sotiras – Coastal path - 1 hr. ,
Coastal path – Baths of Aphrodite - 20 mins
In total - 2½ hrs.

Difference in height:


Moutti tis Sotiras (Blue Lagoon View)

Why not begin with one of the finest walks on Cyprus? The nature trail which has been set up by the forestry department is along paths steeped in myth where, at the same time, you can become acquainted with the varied flora of the Akamas region. From the 370m high Moutti tis Sotiras there's also a spectacular view of the peninsula lying below. In April when the meadows are covered in a carpet of yellow chrysanthemum blossom, the Aphrodite Trail is an absolute all seasons classic!

Baths of Aphrodite

From the tourist pavilion at the Baths of Aphrodite you come past the souvenir kiosk along a path with paving slabs in 2 minutes to the legendary bathing place of the goddess of love. The dim and distant past Aphrodite is supposed to have frolicked with Akamas and Adonis in the pool that is fed by a spring. Today a huge fig tree shades this romantic spot. Follow the sign for the Nature Trail just in front of the pool. Cross over the stream bed of the Argaki tou Pyrgou, after a few metres pass a eucalyptus tree (No. 6) and 40m after that reach a dusty coastal path to Cape Arnaoutis. Immediately before you meet the coastal path, climb the mountain ridge sharply up to the left. After 2 minutes there's a fork in the path and you again go left.

Chrysochou Bay

At the wooden board (No. 10) the path forks once more and you continue to the right up the ridge and in 10 minutes reach the viewpoint (No. 12) with a bench from where there's a wide view of the Gulf of Chrysochou and 24 the garish green meadows in spring of the campsite below. The dirt path at first runs through a small thin juniper wood and then climbs steeply up the south-eastern slope of Moutti tis Sotiras in a straight line. After a good quarter of an hour the most difficult part is behind you. A bench comes just in the nick of time and you can once more enjoy the beautiful panorama of the wide sweeping Chrysochou Bay

Pyrgos tis Rigainas

Moutti tis Sotiras lies in front and you keep left at a junction and shortly afterwards at a stately oak tree, you reach Pyrgos tis Rigainas. According to legend Aphrodite is supposed to have taken a rest here after bathing. A medieval monastery was later built at this spot of which only the Regina tower remains.

Chrysochou Bay 2

In front of the ruins of the monastery go uphill along the field path at the sign for the Aphrodite Nature Trail. The path heads straight for Moutti tis Sotiras. After 4 minutes a path joins from the right below and keeping diagonally left, continue uphill. Some of the characteristic plants and shrubs of Cyprus can be found growing close together along the path: the olive tree (A 25), the carob tree (A 26), types of gorse (A 27 and A 28), the mastic tree (A 29) and the strawberry tree (A 30). A good 200m after the strawberry tree, leave the field path to the right along a narrow path which snakes its way up the flank of Moutti.

Akamas Forest

Different types of cistus (A 31-A 34) line the path which again meets the field path. Continue to follow this uphill and then veer sharply left from it again after a few minutes towards a viewpoint. From the flat summit plateau of Moutti tis Sotiras you can enjoy an imposing view of the fringes of the north coast of Akamas as far as the Cape of Arnaoutis. Be careful at the edge – there's a sheer drop from the plateau!

Moutti tis Sotiras 2

Go back to the trail and the path now leads below and round the summit and down the north flank. Another marvellous vantage point with views of Cape Arnaoutis invites you to stop for a quiet rest. The mule path zigzags down to the coast and after the descent continues for a few metres to run parallel above the coastal path. Ignore the left-hand turn-off to the coast and stay at first on the nicer path until, after 10 minutes, this eventually joins the coastal path. Follow this back to the Baths of Aphrodite. Go straight on at the point where you briefly met the coastal path coming from the baths at the start of the walk and, leaving the mobile homes on your left-hand side, you reach the car park at the tourist pavilion.

Moutti tis Sotiras (Agios Georgios Island View)

The Akamas peninsula owes its uniqueness not only to its attractive natural landscapes and rich natural environment but also to the vast wealth of elements of Hellenic history and mythology dating back 3000 years.

Chrysochou Bay from Moutti tis Sotiras

Where to Stay?

Stunning natural environment, friendly, laid back people, great hotels, apartments and villas for your accommodation, many restaurants, tavernas and fish restaurants for dining out, wonderful sandy beaches, many things to do, Polis region is the ideal place for those seeking active holidays in the nature.

Located on the north - west part of Cyprus, Polis Region is an area full of green, natural beauties, excellent sea and beaches. Polis still keeps its original Cypriot style, with many tranquil villages waiting to explore. The National Park of Akamas Peninsula is just a few kilometers away. Akamas peninsula: The national park of Akamas is just next to Polis Chrysochous. From Polis you are able to explore this unique unspoilt area.

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Aphrodite Trail

On the trail of the goddess of love ❤

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