Let's go Camping!

Campsites in Cyprus

If you love the outdoors, then camping in Cyprus is an activity you should try out.
Although camping isn't as popular among visitors to the island, we highly recommend it. It's another kind of experience that - if you 're up to it - will allow you to have a great time.

There are camping sites by the sea and camping sites in the picturesque mountains of the island. Troodos has three camping sites where camping is allowed for a small fee per overnight stay. The sites offers basic facilities such as barbecue sites, potable water, benches, tables and washrooms.

Let's go Camping!

Within the framework of the efforts to improve the opportunities for recreation offered by forests, the Forestry Department has developed, and has been continuously improving, a series of recreation facilities such as picnic and camping sites, nature trails, view points, bicycle paths, visitor centers and botanical gardens. These works are funded from the state budgets and recently from the Rural Development Plan.

The picnic and camping sites, started to be created since the 1950’s. Today there are 40 picnic and 5 camping sites in the state forests of the government controlled areas of Cyprus.

Camping sites offer corresponding facilities such as camping places, parking and sanitary facilities, drinking water, tables, barbecues and children playgrounds while in some of them electricity, baths and kitchens are also provided. A small fee is charged for their use. The fee for the Forestry Department’s camping sites is specified in the official pricelist of the Department.


Polis Chrysochous Campsite 1

1. Polis Chrysochous Campsite - Paphos District

* Situated within state forest land and managed by other agencies

Location of site: The camping site is situated on the beach in a pleasant eucalyptus grove, (1km northwest of Polis Chrysochous 500 metres from Polis town centre in the Limni state). It is a sandy beach mixed with pebbles and is easily reached by car, motorbike and bus. Water sports, sun bed and umbrella hire are available on site. There are accommodation facilities nearby, while lifeguards are on duty with lifesaving equipment from 11:00 to 17:30 hours during the swimming season.

Polis Chrysochous Campsite 2

The site has toilets, showers and washroom facilities for dishes etc. There is a launderette in the nearby town of Polis.
There is a snack bar on the beach and a mini market is open from June to August. Open from March till the end of October (maybe longer, weather permitting).

FACILITIES: Bar - Restaurant - T.V. - Satellite - Unbrellas & Sunbeds - Life Guard - Ramba- Showers - W.C.

Polis Chrysochous Campsite 3
Altitude (m) : 0

Maximum capacity (tents, caravans /persons): 200 / 700


Platania Campsite 1

2. Platania Campsite - Troodos (Nicosia District)

* Managed by the Forest Department

Location of site: Platania Camping site is located at Kakopetria – Troodos road, 5 km from Kakopetria on the left of the road just before the Platania forest station. Platania campsite in the forest has 18 toilet/shower blocks with kitchen facilities as well as disabled facilities and picnic tables. There are kids' play areas and near the campsite there is a canteen selling most kiosk type products.

Platania Campsite 2

Altitude (m): 1100

Maximum capacity (tents, caravans /persons): 150 / 600

Platania Campsite 3

Tel: +357-22924225

Price: 5.00 euro per day for a caravan and 3.00 euro per day for a tent.

Stavros tis Psokas Campsite 1

3. Stavros tis Psokas Campsite - Paphos Forest

* Managed by the Forest Department

Location of site: The camping site is located close to the forest station. It can accommodate up to 60 tents and up to 6-7 caravans, for a total of about 150 persons. Facilities include potable water, toilets and showers. About 20km from Lysos village or Kannaviou village, near Stavros tis Psokas forest station. The Forest station of Stavros tis Psokas is in the heart of the Paphos forest, the largest and most beautiful pine forest (Pinus Brutia) of the island. It can be reached from Paphos (51 km), via Kannaviou, or from Polis Chrysochous (34 km). All forest roads leading to Stavros tis Psokas are earth tracks except for a section of the Kykkos - Stavros road.

Stavros tis Psokas Campsite 2

At the station there is a hostel a cafeteria and an organised picnic area. Nearby there is an enclosure where visitors can admire the renowned Ovis gmelini aphion (Cyprus Mouflon) and the Dama dama, a dear introduced to Cyprus from abroad. Cedar valley is quite close by, about 19 km.

Altitude (m): 900

Maximum capacity (tents, caravans /persons): 60 / 150

Stavros tis Psokas Campsite 3

Tel: +357-26991860

Price:For small tents up to 2 persons, Euro 2 per day. For larger tents for more than 2 persons, Euro 3 per day. For caravans, Euro 5 per day.

Kambi tou Kaloyirou Campsite 1

4. Kambi tou Kaloyirou Campsite - Troodos (Limassol District)

* Managed by the Forest Department

Location of site: Platres – Prodromos road, 4km from Trooditissa and 3 km from Prodromos next to the road. A wonderful camping area located in Limassol district, right at the center of Troodos green mountains. The camping area is found exactly opposite to the respective picnic site, namely Kampi tou Kalogyrou picnic site.

Kambi tou Kaloyirou Campsite 2

Altitude (m): 1540

Maximum capacity (tents, caravans /persons): 80 / 300

Kambi tou Kaloyirou Campsite 3

Tel: +357-25422625

Price: €2 per person.

Troodos Campsite 1

5. Troodos Campsite - Troodos Mountains (Limassol District)

* Situated within state forest land and managed by other agencies

Location of site: Karvounas – Troodos road, 1km before Troodos square, left of the road. Open from May till end of October (weather permitting).

Troodos Campsite 2

Altitude (m): 1600

Maximum capacity (tents, caravans /persons): 170 / 650

Troodos Campsite 3

Tel: +357-25420205 or 00357-25470903

Price:5.00 euro per day for a tent.

Governor’s Beach Kalymnos Campsite 1

6. Governor’s Beach Kalymnos Campsite (Limassol District)

Location of site: Situated on the beach, 20 km east of Limassol with a capacity of 230.00 caravans and 247 plots for tents. Governor's Beach Kalymnos campsite between Limassol and Larnaca just off the motorway.The site has toilets, showers, a launderette with coin operated machines and dryers and a restaurant. During July & August there is also a supermarket. Open all year round.

Governor’s Beach Kalymnos Campsite 2

Altitude (m):0

Maximum capacity (tents, caravans): 360

Governor’s Beach Kalymnos Campsite 3

Tel: +357 25632878, Fax +357 25632878

Price:€3.40 per tent plus €2.55 per person per night.

Akamas Peninsula - Baths of Aphrodite Entrance 1

7. Akamas Peninsula - Baths of Aphrodite Entrance (Paphos District)

Location of site: Akamas Peninsula - Baths of Aphrodite Entrance. The Akamas Peninsula is Cyprus’s most northwestern tip. The Akamas National Park lies on the west coast of Cyprus, a truly pictorial part of the island. It has an area coverage of 230 square kilometres containing valleys, gorges and wide sandy bays. The wildlife diversity is crucial for the ecology in the Mediterranean. In this spectacular environment there are 168 varieties of birds, 20 different reptiles, 16 species of butterfly and 12 different mammals not to mention its very rich variety of fauna.
*NON Organised Campsite

Akamas Peninsula - Baths of Aphrodite Entrance 2

The important significance of the Akamas Peninsula has been duly noted; The European Council has included it in its Mediterranean Protection Programme. The Cyprus Government has yet to fully declare it as a National Park for tourist and local landowners reasons, although friends of the Earth and Green Peace are lobbying hard for it.

Akamas Peninsula - Baths of Aphrodite Entrance 3

The Akamas Peninsula is included in Natura 2000, the European network of protected areas, since it is a unique habitat with rich and rare flora and fauna.


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